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Week of April 28th

This week we begin our Spring theme. Your child will be learning about the parts of plants (science), exploring short vowel sounds, sorting by initial sounds y, m, and d, summarizing, writing a poem, and reviewing story structure. In math we will be learning different ways to count and keep track of “how many eyes are in the classroom” and legs on chairs. We will be learning to group items and writing equations to match the groups.
Students will be assessed by identifying parts of a plant (work samples and class discussions), we will have a spelling test on the -og word family, completing a task of sorting pictures by their initial sound, completing a running record (results will be shared in your child’s Friday Folder), writing an acrostic poem about spring (click here for an example of an acrostic poem), and we will be writing/ drawing the characters in a story, the setting of a story, and the problem/ solution in a story. In math, your child will be assessed through work samples, I will be checking for comprehension of writing equations and checking for a strategy to group objects (a work sample will be sent home on Friday).
Idea’s on ways you can help at home:
*Take a walk, ask your child to describe the parts of a tree, or a flower.
* Play a sound match game: Clifford’s sound match
* While reading with your child, ask him or her to tell you what happened in the story, ask who the characters were, where the story took place, was there a problem in the story and what was the solution?
* Play math addition/ subtraction games
* Tell a story problem to your child, have them tell you one too
* Have your child count how many eyes (or ears, or arms, etc) are at home

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Tips for Parents of Kindergarteners

View this video prior to the first day of Kindergarten. Help prepare your child (and yourself) for the first day.

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Amazing Animals This slide show was created using photopeach. It will be used as a tool to introduce (create interest for) our unit “A World of Animals”. Students are to add their own animal fact to the slide show by the … Continue reading

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The Classroom Blog

I love pinterest, and if you have never visited the site I suggest you go now (or after you read my post) ๐Ÿ™‚ Pinterest can be used for personal use but I mostly use it for teaching purposes.ย  There are so many ideas out there and people “pin” the best ones. I chose 3 blogs that I found on pinterest to review. Now, if after visiting these blogs you don’t have any inclination of wanting to join the blogging world (either creating your own or subscribing to one) please apply two finger tips to your wrist and check for a pulse. ๐Ÿ™‚
Any time you are learning and discovering ways to better yourself as an educator you are working on professional development. These blogs can be used just for that!

This is one of her bulletin board ideas… but to see the best one (about opposites) visit her site! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The Middle School Blog: Middle School Math Rules by Sherrie is a wonderful resource for the middle school teacher. Her blog has been voted as the # 2 middle school blog. Her blog site is focused on math (it’s her content area) and she provides ideas for classroom activities, curriculum planing, classroom design, and much much more. In one post she provides an icebreaker activity and what she does the first day with students, these activities can be used or modified to fit any content area. I would suggest any middle school teacher to subscribe to her blog (especially a middle school math). Even a primary teacher such as myself could benefit from her blog… I might have to use her organization tips. I love the look of this:
  • The High School Blog: Science Stuff is by Amy Brown, a high school Biology teacher. SHe blog contains many ideas for the High school Biology teacher as well as useful tips for others (possibly even middle school). Her blog site has some awesome photos and FREEBIES (I would think that high school teachers love freebies too). Check out this freebie posted on her blog site… A compare and contrast chart ideal for grades 4 and up.

Reasons why educators blog

Why teachers should blog (photo courtesy of


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The Educators Blog

The quest for great educational blogs has been successful. The following three sites I would recommend for viewing and using in the classroom. I will be sharing these sites with my colleagues to encourage their use of educational blogs. You can use professional blogs such as these in creating a professional development for staff on the purpose of blogs and their usefulness.

  • In Troy Hicks blog, titled Digital Writing, Digital Teaching: Integrating new Literacies into the teaching of writing, he blogs on many topics that affect educators; from standardized testing to the Common Core. My favorite post is about Digital Learning Day. He provides a link to a website where you can register for free and participate in Digital Learning Day 2014. He blogs about (with a sense of humor) what we can get from DLD (digital learning day), what he doesn’t like about it, and what really matters (my favorite part). I highly reccommend my “digi” friends join DLD 2014.”We have a great number of tools that we can use for digital writing and digital teaching. We simply need to respect the voices and professionalism of teachers so that they can use technology in these smart ways.Letโ€™s hope that we can bring more of these teachers โ€” and their students โ€” to the fore in our celebration of next yearโ€™s DLDay.” (Hicks, 2013)

    View the video below:

  • This blog by Vicki Davis I found useful!! She writes daily a blog post titled: Daily Education and News for Schools. In those posts she writes about current topics and interests. She recommends others blogs and she mentions a Skype group for teachers (ย Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 03/15/2013) Now, I teach Kindergarten so I get very excited when I come across something cool that my students will love. On this blog site, Davis posts about Power Rangers (YAY! Kids love power rangers). They are promoting healthy habits and life styles. Download the Power Rangers Empower curriculum. Enter the sweepstakes to have the Power Rangers come to your school. When you register you get FREE classroom activities, worksheets, parent magazines, and a certificate. We all know that teachers love freebies! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I know I have already mentioned that teachers love freebies, but this site has a lot of great ones (one reason why I recommend it). The author of this blog, Charity Preston, helps to educate others in gaining control of the classroom, how to organize a multitude of things in the classroom (differentiated instruction, technology centers, the management of student behaviors, etc), and provides ideas on ways to present topics and concepts to students. I could spend all day at this blog site. She provides tips for parents and teachers. I will be using her blog for the freebies (click this link for a folding flower printable book freebie) as well as a resource for creating a classroom blog.




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